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Alberta Mortgage Originations Compared to all other Provinces

Online Mortgage Origination for the Province of Percentage of Applications
Alberta: 20.83%
British Columbia: 10.42%
Manitoba: 1.98%
New Brunswick: 2.52%
Newfoundland and Labrador: 1.29%
Nova Scotia: 3.31%
Northwest Territories: 0.48%
Nunavut: 0.10%
Ontario: 47.68%
Prince Edward Island: 0.51%
Quebec: 3.96%
Saskatchewan: 5.03%
Yukon: 0.48%

Current City Standing within Alberta

RankLocation Contribution
57:NANTON, AB 0.034%
58:MORINVILLE, AB 0.034%
59:RIMBEY, AB 0.032%
60:WESTLOCK, AB 0.032%
61:LANGDON, AB 0.032%
62:THREE HILLS, AB 0.032%
63:CLARESHOLM, AB 0.030%
64:SWAN HILLS, AB 0.030%
65:ARDROSSAN, AB 0.030%
66:LAC LA BICHE, AB 0.030%
67:CLAIRMONT, AB 0.028%

Age Demographics for Three Hills Mortgage Applicants

Average age: 30
Oldest age: 54
Youngest age: 20

Incomes for Three Hills Mortgage Applicants

The information below represents the average income of applicants living in Three Hills who have applied for a home loan using Mortgage Super Brokers' pre-approval application.

Average annual gross income for
mortgage applicants in Three Hills: $56,719.47
applicants within all of Canada: $60,593.10
Difference: ($3,873.63)
mortgage co-applicants in Three Hills: $55,500.00
co-applicants within all of Canada: $43,761.59
Difference: $11,738.41

Note: Commercial Mortgage loans were not included for this report, only residential loans were used.

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Below is a listing of our most popular mortgage product inquiries made using our online mortgage application for clients in Woodstock.

Mortgage Product Type Inquiries
Refinance/Consolidate Debt25.52%
Mortgage Pre-approval23.45%
New Purchase13.79%
First-time Home Buyer11.72%
Mortgage Renewal11.72%
No Money Down discontinued6.90%
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