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Canadian Financial, Real Estate and Mortgage Glossary

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Controlled GrowthCost of Insurance
consolidated net operating loss (CNOL) — Acronym
construction budgetDefinition
Money that the builder sets aside for building a structure.
construction loanDefinition
A short-term interim loan for financing the cost of construction. The lender makes payments to the builder at periodic intervals as the work progresses.
construction to permanent loanDefinition
A loan that finances the construction, then for a long-term, traditional mortgage, as distinct from a construction loan followed by a separate mortgage loan.
constructive receiptDefinition
The idea in which a taxpayer does not actually have to take possession of money for it to be taxable. An example of this is when savings account interest is reinvested rather than sent to the account holder as a separate payment. In this case, the account holder constructively received the interest because the earnings were credited to his account and could have been taken out at the owner's discretion. As such, the earnings are taxable.
constructive total loss (CTL) — Acronym
consumer bankruptcyDefinition
A bankruptcy case filed to reduce or eliminate debts that are primarily consumer debts.
consumer creditDefinition
Loans for personal use as opposed to business or commercial lending. These loans are typically unsecured and not backed by collateral.
Consumer Credit and Mortgage Advice (CCMA) — Canada
consumer debtDefinition
Debts incurred for personal, as opposed to business, needs.
consumer price index (CPI)Definition, Important
An index that measures movements in the average price of products and services typically consumed by Canadian families.
contiguous lotsDefinition
Pieces of real estate that are next to each other.
A condition that must be met before a property sale can be completed, such as a home inspection or mortgage approval.
contingent beneficiaryDefinition
A beneficiary who only receives his or her benefit when specific conditions have been met.
contingent liabilityDefinition
A legal responsibility to pay certain sums conditional on a future event such as a law suit or court case.
continued professional learning (CPL) — Acronym
continuing education (CE) — Acronym, Important
  ➥  Many mortgage and insurance industry companies offer CE credit courses.
continuous link settlement (CLS) — Acronym
An agreement between two or more parties that can be enforced by law.
contract for deed (CFD)Definition
An agreement for sale of property in which the buyer takes possession while making payments, but the seller holds title until full payment is made. Also called a land contract.
contract holderDefinition
The entity that holds the rights to a obligation or debt.
contract maintenance services (CMS) — Acronym
contract services (CS) — Acronym
contract support services (CSS) — Acronym
contract to purchaseDefinition
A document in which a property's buyer and seller approve the price and other terms of the transfer of title. Also known as an agreement of sale, a purchase contract or a sale contract.
One who constructs or oversees construction of a house or a large renovation.
contractual liability insurance policy (CLIP) — Acronym
contractual lienDefinition
A legal claim against property as a result of a voluntary contract, such as a mortgage.
contributing propertyDefinition
Buildings within a historic district are either contributing or non-contributing properties with regards to historic value.
contributory negligenceDefinition
A legal defence that can be applied if the plaintiff is at least partially responsible for a harm, and if they are found partially liable, they can be denied any compensation.
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ComptrollerConsolidated Credit...
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Consolidated Net Operating... — Contributory Negligence
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Controlled GrowthCost of Insurance

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