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Canadian Financial, Real Estate and Mortgage Glossary

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Finance, Insurance and...First National Financial
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Flexible Credit LineForeign Tax Credit
First National Financial Corporation (FNFC) — Company, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
First National Financial LP is Canada’s largest non-bank lender, offering both commercial and residential mortgage.
  ➥  Now called First National Financial LP.
First Nations Bank of Canada (FNBC) — Company, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
  ➥  A Canadian NHA approved mortgage lender that offers all lending types, including both residential single family and multi-unit mortgages.
First Nations Finance Authority (FNFA) — Company, Westbank, British Columbia, Canada
  ➥  Non-profit organization that provides low-rate loan, investment options, and capital planning advice to First Nation governments.
First Nations Goods and Services Tax (FNGST) — Canada
first year rate of return (FYRR) — Acronym
Firstline Mortgages (FLM) — Company, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Very Important
As of July 31, 2012, Firstline Mortgages announced that it will no longer be accepting new mortgage clients.
Firstline Trust (FLT) — Company, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Started in mortgage-backed securities then was bought by CIBC in 1995 and transformed into FirstLine mortgage (FLM).
  ➥  See Firstline mortgage (FLM).
fiscal deficitDefinition
When the government spends more money than it receives in revenue over the course of one year.
fiscal policyDefinition
The use of government spending and taxation policies to influence the economy.
fiscal surplusDefinition
When the government receives more in revenue than it spends over the course of the year.
fixed annuityDefinition
An annuity that makes fixed payments to the annuitant with guarantees for earnings and principal.
fixed asset investment (FAI) — Acronym
fixed asset ratio (FAR) — Acronym
fixed assets (FA)Definition, Important
Assets like machinery, land, buildings, or property used in operating a business that will not be consumed or converted into cash during the current accounting period.
fixed assurance note (FAN) — Acronym
fixed expenses (FE)Definition
Fixed business costs that do not change regardless of business volume, such as property rental, insurance payments, utilities, etc.
fixed indexed annuity (FIA) — Acronym
fixed instalmentDefinition
Periodic (usually monthly) payment on a loan whose sum does not vary.
fixed interest rate substitute transaction (FIRST) — Acronym
fixed premiumDefinition
Insurance or annuity premiums that stay level for a specific period of time.
fixed rate credit (FRC) — Acronym
fixed rate mortgage (FRM)Definition, Very Important
A loan in which the interest rate and payments remain the same for the entire life of the loan. The interest rate and payment amounts are set at the time of loan origination.
fixed timeDefinition
The time of year when the owner in a timeshare arrangement is scheduled to have occupancy.
fixed-price escalation price (FPEP) — Acronym
fixed-price incentive (FPI) — Acronym
fixed-return investmentsDefinition
Investments that provide a stable return.
fixer-upper (fxr)Definition
A house that needs a lot of work and which sells for a discount.
Personal property that becomes real property when it is attached to a building. Examples include chandeliers, built-in bookcases and cabinets and drapery rods.
flat feeDefinition
A fixed charge that a broker requests instead of a commission.
flex roomDefinition
A room within a home that can change usage to meet need.
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Finance, Insurance and...First National Financial
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First National Financial... — Flex Room
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Flexible Credit LineForeign Tax Credit

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