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Canadian Financial, Real Estate and Mortgage Glossary

Accounting Terms

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fraud prevention & detection (FPD)Acronym (Banking), Low Relevance
full-time equivalent (FTE)Acronym (Management), Low Relevance
functional analysis system technique (FAST)Acronym (Management), Low Relevance
furniture, fixtures & equipment (FF&E, FFE)Acronym (Property Listing, Mortgage, Realty, Classifieds)
  ➥  Mortgage lender term.
general accounting & finance system (GAFS)Acronym, Low Relevance
general accounting procedure (GAP)Acronym, Low Relevance
General Index of Financial Information (GIFI)Canada Revenue Agency, Canada
  ➥  A standard list of codes used in preparing financial statements.
general ledger (G/L, GL)Acronym
A ledger style view of income, expenses, and balances used to keep accounting records of a business.
general ledger account (GLA)Acronym
general ledger account code (GLAC)Acronym
general ledger accounting system (GLAS)Acronym
general reserve fund (GRF)Acronym (Business)
Create out of normal profit from a business, it is a fund set aside for contingencies and can be utilized for any purpose. It can even be paid out into dividends.
Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)Acronym (Management), Low Relevance
Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS)Acronym (Management), Low Relevance
gross annual income (GAI)Acronym, Low Relevance
gross days receivable outstanding (GDRO)Acronym, Low Relevance
gross margin return on investment (GMROI)Acronym (Measurement, Investment)
gross processing margin (GPM)Acronym (Stock Market, Finance, Management, Financial Derivatives), Low Relevance
gross replacement value (GRV)Acronym (Management), Low Relevance
high minus low (HML)Acronym (Economics)
human resource management (HRM)Acronym (Management, Labour, Employment), Low Relevance
incremental capital/output ratio (ICOR)Acronym (Management), Low Relevance
Institute of Chartered Accountants of British Columbia (ICABC)Company Est.1905, British Columbia, Canada
  ➥  Largest accounting organization in British Columbia.
Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nova Scotia (ICANS)Company Est.1900, Nova Scotia, Canada
  ➥  A self-governing association formed by Chartered Accountants in Nova Scotia.
integrated accounts payable system (IAPS)Acronym, Low Relevance
integrated project management (IPM)Acronym (Management), Low Relevance
integrated purchasing and accounts payable (IPAP)Acronym, Low Relevance
internal labour market (ILM)Acronym (Management, Labour), Low Relevance
International Accounting Standards Board (IASB)Company, Low Relevance
international financial reporting standards (IFRS)Acronym
inventory carrying cost (ICC)Acronym, Low Relevance
inventory valuation adjustment (IVA)Acronym (Management), Low Relevance
knowledge, attitude, practice (KAP)Acronym (Management), Low Relevance
last in, first out method (LIFO)Acronym (Management), Low Relevance
  ➥  Term used in inventory valuation.
light-capital technology (LCT)Acronym (Management), Low Relevance
limited company (Ltd)Abbreviation (Business, Management), Low Relevance
limited liability company (LLC)Acronym (Business, Management), Low Relevance
limited liability partnership (LLP)Acronym (Business, Management)
limited partner (LP)Acronym (Business, Management), Low Relevance
limited partnership (LP)Acronym (Business, Management)
loan accounting and processing system (LAPS)Acronym (Loan)
long term capital gain (LTCG)Definition (Taxes) (Investments, Financial-banking)
Your loss from the sale of a capital asset that you held for more than 12 months.
long-run average incremental cost (LRAIC)Acronym (Management), Low Relevance
long-run marginal cost (LRMC)Acronym (Management), Low Relevance
management buy-in (MBI)Acronym (Management), Low Relevance
management by objectives (MBO)Acronym (Management), Low Relevance
management consulting services (MCS)Acronym (Management), Low Relevance
management information system (MIS)Acronym (Management), Low Relevance
manufacturing cycle effectiveness (MCE)Acronym (Management), Low Relevance
marginal cost pricing (MCP)Acronym (Management), Low Relevance
marginal operating costs (MOC)Acronym (Management), Low Relevance
marginal rate of return (MRR)Acronym (Measurement, Finance, Investment)
marginal return on investment (MROI)Acronym (Measurement, Investment), Low Relevance
marginal revenue product (MRP)Acronym (Management), Low Relevance
market-to-book value (MBV, MTBV)Acronym (Stock Market), Low Relevance
Master of Business Administration (MBA)Acronym (Management), Low Relevance
maximum time to belly-up (MTBU)Acronym (Management), Low Relevance
meals and entertainment (M&E)Definition (Business, Investment) (Investments, Taxation, Financial-banking)
Deductible expenses in your business such as the cost of taking a client to a restaurant (meals) or a sporting event (entertainment). However, these expenses are only partially deductible (50 % in Canada).
mean time between failures (MTBF)Acronym (Management), Low Relevance
minimum acceptable return (MAR)Acronym (Stock Market, Finance, Management, Financial Derivatives), Low Relevance
minimum efficient scale (MES)Acronym (Management), Low Relevance
modified adjusted gross income (MAGI)Acronym (Taxes, Finance), Low Relevance
more or less (m/l)Abbreviation (Property Listing, Rental Property, Actuarial, Classifieds) (Abbreviation)
  ➥  Approximately.
most recent annual (MRA)Acronym, Low Relevance
  ➥  In regards to annual reports.
multi-criteria analysis (MCA)Acronym (Management), Low Relevance
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