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Agreed Boundary

Synonyms:border, perimeter, property line, rim
Filed Under: legal-contracts, real-estate
Tags: contract, legal, realty

Definition of agreed boundary

agreed boundary
1. In the event of a dispute between neighbouring property owners, property lines or an agreed boundary can be drawn to settle the dispute.

Related Terms and Acronyms:

  • boundary   The line dividing adjacent properties.
  • encroachment   An improvement, such as a fence, that illegally extends onto another property or impedes the neighbour's use of that property.
  • metes and bounds   A surveyor's legal description of a parcel of land, defined by measurements and angles.
  • property report   A legal disclosure that developers of timeshare properties are required to give to prospective buyers.
  • real property   Permanent, non-movable property, such as land and buildings.
  • survey (srvy)   A map executed by a licensed surveyor, which sets down precisely the boundaries of a given property as well as improvements, references to known landmarks, and the property's notable features.
      ➥  As in surveyed land.

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