Canadian real estate expert: 'Chill out'

Although the Canadian housing market as a whole is being referred to as "tepid" by some experts, the Alberta region is a shining example of a strong local housing market that other areas would be wise to mimic.

Don Campbell, a Canadian real estate expert and senior analyst/founding partner at the Real Estate Investment Network, told the Edmonton Journal that prospective homebuyers and current homeowners in Canada need to "chill out."

"There is no Canadian housing market," he told the news source. "At no other time in history has the real estate market in Canada been so regional. If you go to Hamilton, that market is strong. But in Waterloo the market is starting to slow down, even though the cities are only half an hour apart. And what's going on in Ottawa has nothing to do with Halifax."

There's no question that new home construction, home values and prices vary from region to region throughout Canada. However, the same low mortgage rates are available to qualified buyers. Speak with a mortgage servicer today to learn more about your financing options in the world of Canadian real estate.

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