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Household Wealth

Canada surpasses US in terms of wealth

By: The Super Broker

In light of a new report indicating the average Canadian has overtaken the average American in terms of personal wealth, our neighbors to the south have started exporting something new: sour grapes.

Financial knowledge

Many Canadians unsure of financial responsibilities

By: The Super Broker

In the midst of Financial Literacy Month, a new survey from the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada showed the vast majority of Canucks don’t fully understand their responsibilities when it comes to banking and finance.

Low mortgage rates, CanEquity

Canadians looking to lock in low rates

By: The Super Broker

Long-term Canadian mortgage rates hit record lows recently as financial institutions across the country dropped their terms, and a new report shows that homebuyers are looking to lock in those savings.

Canadian Debt

How can Canadians knock down mortgage debt before retirement?

By: The Super Broker

The BMO Retirement Institute recently released a report that indicates many Canadians still need to make debt-free retirement a priority.

RRSP Contributions

Canadians turn to RRSPs for safe investment option

By: The Super Broker

Amid global financial turmoil, many Canadians are seeking the calm certainty of conservative long-term investments, a new survey reveals.

Canada Money

Money saving tips for tax payers

By: The Super Broker

With tax season approaching, the Royal Bank of Canada has some tips to help you save money.


Canadians more willing to use personal savings to pay debts

By: The Super Broker

More than any other people in the world, Canadians are willing to use their savings to pay down debts, a new survey finds.


Many Canadians in their 20s struggling financially

By: The Super Broker

Recent college graduates and other young Canadians are struggling to secure employment and pay off student debt, but many economic experts say there are several ways citizens can begin their post-university life with financial success.

Retirement costs

Retired Canadians' reality different from original expectations

By: The Super Broker

Many nearly retired Canadians dream of having the freedom to travel throughout the world, but the reality for most retirees is much different.


Canadians not taking advantage of debt-lowering tactics

By: The Super Broker

Canadians are accumulating historic quantities of debt for a variety of reasons, but many burrowers are not taking advantage of several easy opportunities to lower their debts.

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