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Buying a condominium

By: The Super Broker

When it comes to taking out home loans, there is no shortage of options on what types of properties to purchase.

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Resale condos stop their upward trend

By: The Super Broker

According to The Globe and Mail, resale condo prices have failed to significantly appreciate for the first time in three years.

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Serious weather damages increase importance of sufficient condo insurance

By: The Super Broker

Here’s a (non-trick) question for you: If something goes terribly wrong in your condo that originated in your unit and affects other units or the entire building, who pays the insurance deductible?


How to get in on the Canadian condo craze

By: The Super Broker

Perhaps the best option for metropolitan-loving professionals who have the resources and desire to buy their very own property – a huge first step, congratulations! – is to buy in the form of yard maintenance-free, pretty-simple-to-care-for condominiums.

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Small Vancouver rentals support affordable housing for young citizens

By: The Super Broker

Rising residential and condominium home prices have forced some Vancouver residents to consider renting instead of buying, and housing developers have designed some units specifically for young citizens on a budget.

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Canada's rental vacancy rate falls to 2.2 percent in October

By: The Super Broker

Several Canadian cities have undergone a condo boom in recent years, as lower incomes and rising home prices have fueled high demand for apartments in major cities.

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