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Late mortgage payment

Dealing with mortgage payment difficulties

By: The Super Broker

There are a number of strategies to deal with mortgage payment difficulties.

Obtaining a mortgage when you're self-employed

By: The Super Broker

Being your own boss can be a rewarding experience, but it can also pose certain challenges when it comes to taking out a mortgage. Lenders are wary of financial risk when providing home loans, making it more important for self-employed individuals to show that they are a stable investment. Income While most borrowers can show …

Moving to Canada

Home buying for newcomers

By: The Super Broker

There are a number of ways for newcomers to Canada to make home buying an easy and affordable process.

credit history

Foreclosure and bankruptcies don't guarantee a lifetime of renting

By: The Super Broker

Whether housing trouble or spotty credit histories are the result of tough economic times, poor financial decisions don’t automatically relegate the delinquent borrower to a lifetime of rentals and apartments.

what effects your credit score

Get to know your credit report: Easy tips from the FCAC

By: The Super Broker

Regardless of whether people know anything about their credit scores – or the complicated math formulas that go into determining them – the three-digit numbers a part of life, just like death and taxes.


Put away the plastic: Canadian consumer debt levels are through the roof

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Whether Canadians are aware of it or not, many of them are living beyond their means and buying anything their little hearts desire.

Credit history

If at first you don't succeed, follow these tips and reapply for a mortgage

By: The Super Broker

After making the responsible decision that it’s time to buy a place of your own and taking the mortgage application plunge, a loan denial can feel like a kick in the gut. Ouch.


Subprime borrowing on the rise in Canada

By: The Super Broker

Another sign that Canada may be following the United States on the path to recession: The number of subprime mortgages on the market is rising – fast.


Are more restrictions the best policy for responsible Canadian borrowers?

By: The Super Broker

As the debate continues over whether to slow the Canadian housing market, one mortgage consultant argues potential homeowners would be better served by fewer restrictions on lending practices, not more.


How to avoid a credit repair scam

By: The Super Broker

From the time we get our first job to when we get our hands on our first credit card, we are constantly informed of the importance of maintaining a strong credit rating.

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