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Calgary housing market leading the way

By: The Super Broker

If the Calgary housing market is any indication, Canada as a whole could be considered as experiencing a housing boom as of late.

new home

Buying a brand-new home

By: The Super Broker

By doing some research and using some common sense, there’s no reason that buying a brand-new home has to be a headache.

Toronto condos

Resale condos stop their upward trend

By: The Super Broker

According to The Globe and Mail, resale condo prices have failed to significantly appreciate for the first time in three years.

land development

A few land-buying considerations for wannabe buyers and builders

By: The Super Broker

Why spend the time and energy searching everywhere for a dream house that may not even exist when you can do one better: Stop house-hunting and build the dang house already.

Canadian money

Stimulus funds spent on construction could improve a slowing economy

By: The Super Broker

Although Canada has generally been able to avoid the massive economic suffering that plagues much of the world, a recent report by Statistics Canada says Canada’s economy is growing at a slower rate than expected.


Apartment construction to ramp up in Halifax

By: The Super Broker

After a less than stellar January in terms of apartment building construction in Halifax, the sector is expected to gain momentum this month and ride it through the rest of the year, according to The Chronicle Herald.

home building

Manitoba seeking skilled workers to meet housing demand

By: The Super Broker

With the surge in new home building in Manitoba, comes an increased demand for new workers, and the industry is searching for skilled tradespeople to continue the housing push, according to a recent report from the Winnipeg Free Press.


Construction pace to quicken in Alberta

By: The Super Broker

A recent report from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation reveals housing construction starts of single family homes in Alberta could grow by 14 percent in 2012 compared to last year.

Stop HST

BC Premier addresses taxes, housing industry

By: The Super Broker

British Columbia Premier Christy Clark recently announced the new provincial budget could contain early harmonized sales tax relief for the home building sector in Canada.

Toronto home to most condo construction in North America

By: The Super Broker

A small piece of land in Toronto may be the focal point of Canada’s housing bubble, as the site being used as a parking lot and police impound near

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