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home buying bidding wars

Minimize the costs of bidding wars

By: The Super Broker

Most Canadians know it’s a better idea to stick to their budgets than get sucked into a bidding war, according to data from the Bank of Montreal.


Pre-approvals and rate holds in home loans

By: The Super Broker

When it comes to getting a home mortgage approved, "pre-approval" can be one of the trickiest factors in determining mortgage rates. With the housing market always at least somewhat in flux, many people looking to buy turn to pre-approval as a way to find a preferred rate as they search for a home. But even …

small business owners

Obtaining a mortgage as a self-employed borrower

By: The Super Broker

With mortgage rates continuing to stay near ultra-low levels, it’s no surprise that many Canadians are clamoring to invest in a home purchase or refinance their current home loan.

person house

Understanding homeowners associations

By: The Super Broker

While most of the focus of the homebuying process understandably rests on financing, different types of properties demand a certain amount of forethought.

low rate high price

Mortgage rates stay low, home prices to rise

By: The Super Broker

Canadian mortgage rates continue to stay at all-time lows, making homeownership a more affordable prospect for people all over the country.

Choosing the right mortgage broker

By: The Super Broker

When it comes to the world of home loans, mortgage brokers can be invaluable.

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