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home for rent

Ways to invest in real estate

By: The Super Broker

While investing is often associated with stocks and bonds, the Canadian real estate market provides potential investors with plenty of lucrative opportunities.

Home laons good debt

Dealing with debt

By: The Super Broker

Taking on debt in order to buy a home is not a reckless action; it’s an investment in the future.

home renovation

Paying for home renovations

By: The Super Broker

Luckily homeowners have a number of options when it comes to paying for home renovations.

vacation home

Buying a vacation home

By: The Super Broker

With mortgage rates near historic lows and home prices becoming more affordable, now might be the perfect time to consider purchasing a vacation home.

Rental property

Buying a rental property

By: The Super Broker

For Canadians looking to add to their income, investing in a rental property is an attractive option.

Real estate

Cooling housing market creates opportunities for buyers

By: The Super Broker

A report from the Royal Bank of Canada shows that falling home prices are opening the door to affordable housing for many prospective buyers.

Homes are more than just possessions for Canadians

By: The Super Broker

Data from the poll shows that 77 percent of Canadians view their homes as investments rather than expenses.

commercial new purchase

Commercial buyers: Now may be the right time to make an offer

By: The Super Broker

Many experts will attest that the Canadian housing market is inflated and seemingly oversaturated thanks to incredibly low interest rates, but how is the commercial real estate outlook for business owners?

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