Don’t get burned when planning home renovations

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So, you were able to secure a mortgage and buy your dream house. OK, so maybe it isn't your dream house as it currently stands, but it has tons of potential, right? All it takes are a few tweaks and renovations and voila! It will be the perfect property and exactly what you've always wanted.

The first step is to secure a contractor for the job or jobs, depending on how large a project you're taking on. Whether you know a friend of a friend who is talented – or so you've heard – and will accept cash under the table or you go the route of hiring a true-blue professional, remembering one key factor: Always get everything in writing. All the time. No exceptions.

Still thinking about that cash-under-the-table contractor? You know, the one who promised you the moon, stars and a granite countertop at a quarter of the price? Before shaking hands and sealing the deal, it's wise to make sure this person is aware of laws and rules surrounding home renovations. OK, so if it's a bathroom tiling project, it's probably fine, but what if you're looking for someone to help you build a deck or add a room onto the house? Continue reading