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What can happen to your mortgage if tragedy strikes

By: The Super Broker

Nobody wants to think about tragedy striking an otherwise charmed life, especially if it entails a family member getting sick, injured or even passing away.

Life insurance

Don't forget about life insurance coverage when saving for your dream home

By: The Super Broker

Young, first-time homebuyers who are saving up for their dream home and brushing up on mortgage terminology may be easily sidetracked by the latest and greatest home projects Pinterest has to offer.


BMO Finanical Group on Canadians and retirement

By: The Super Broker

BMO Financial Group recently released a report advising Canadians on retirement and downsizing and if they should make their move.

TD Bank

TD poll examines Canadians' retirement misconceptions

By: The Super Broker

A recent TD poll reveals that Canadians have many surprising misconceptions about retirement and the planning that is required for one’s golden years.

Life insurance needed when financial issues could arise

By: The Super Broker

For many new families, the topic of life insurance is a new subject. However, as financial experts told the Globe and Mail, it can be an important one to discuss.

Financial literacy

Online resources can improve financial literacy

By: The Super Broker

While some Canadians have relatively poor financial knowledge, there are a number of resources which can help them earn a greater grasp on their own financial questions.

insurance planning

Life insurance can reduce estate tax liabilities

By: The Super Broker

For those examining their estate planning strategy, some financial experts say that a life insurance policy can serve an important function of helping to reduce estate taxes.

Significant number of Canadians suffering from large household debt

By: The Super Broker

A recent report from the Certified General Accountants Association of Canada discovered that, despite the lower amount of consumer spending during the first quarter of 2011, a significant number of households are suffering from increased totals of debt.

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