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Buyers turn to renting, but low mortgage rates remain

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Mortgage restrictions are turning first-time homebuyers into renters, and the increase in rental demand is resulting in higher costs, according to an article from Canadian Mortgage Trends.

Why buying is better than renting

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When you take in the big picture and look at Canada’s current housing market, there are numerous reasons for consumers to skip renting and invest in a home.

credit history

Foreclosure and bankruptcies don't guarantee a lifetime of renting

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Whether housing trouble or spotty credit histories are the result of tough economic times, poor financial decisions don’t automatically relegate the delinquent borrower to a lifetime of rentals and apartments.

Vacation planning

Should you rent or buy your future vacation retreat?

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Whether you prefer getting away by heading to a cabin on a lake, or you’d rather leave monotony by staying in a condo in the heart of one of the chicest cities, it’s likely you relish your time spent on vacation.

Rental property

Can't afford a mortgage? Soon, you might not be able to afford rent

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With Ottawa tightening the rules on home loans for all Canadians, landlords around the country have seized on the opportunity to raise rents.

breaking your mortgage

Affordability, flexibility are key for first or second mortgages

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Many Canadians dream of owning a recreational property, where they can retreat to enjoy nature or a change of scenery.

For Rent

Rent vs buy in today's economy

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Renting versus buying is an age-old conflict played out on the battlefield of the Canadian housing market.


Toronto commercial real estate market slows in 2011

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Toronto’s housing market remained strong in 2011 as prices increased, condo construction skyrocketed and demand remained stable, but the commercial real estate market didn’t enjoy nearly the same success.

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Small Vancouver rentals support affordable housing for young citizens

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Rising residential and condominium home prices have forced some Vancouver residents to consider renting instead of buying, and housing developers have designed some units specifically for young citizens on a budget.

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