The importance of walkability

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While the financial responsibilities that come with buying a home are important to consider, there's more to purchasing property than just home loans and mortgage rates. One aspect of homeownership that has become more discussed recently is the importance of walkability when choosing a home to buy.

What is walkability?
Walkability concerns how conducive a particular area is to pedestrian movement. This includes factors such as the availability of footpaths and sidewalks, amount of traffic, building accessibility, safety and other components.

Why is walkability important?
As health and the environment continue to become more important to individuals, walkability will likely only grow in popularity. Walking is the most environmentally-friendly mode of travel available today, as it cuts down on vehicle pollution. Additionally, the health benefits of walking are self-evident, as regular exercise is an important part of human health. In fact, a study from America's Columbia University has shown a correlation between walkability and a lowering of individuals' body mass index (BMI).  Continue reading