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Tax benefits for homeowners

By: The Super Broker

While tax season can be a stressful time for most Canadians, it also gives homeowners a little something extra to smile about. The Canada Revenue Agency has a number of programs geared toward helping homeowners, and by taking advantage of these services, Canadians can ensure that purchasing a property results in added savings. After all, …


Tax refunds used to pay down mortgage debts

By: The Super Broker

Most Canadians have by now filed their taxes, and some will be getting a refund in just a few weeks.


Using a mortgage to lower taxes

By: The Super Broker

While interest payments on home loans aren’t exactly tax deductible, there are a couple ways to potentially turn a mortgage into a tax-saving tool.

Stop HST

BC Premier addresses taxes, housing industry

By: The Super Broker

British Columbia Premier Christy Clark recently announced the new provincial budget could contain early harmonized sales tax relief for the home building sector in Canada.

insurance planning

Life insurance can reduce estate tax liabilities

By: The Super Broker

For those examining their estate planning strategy, some financial experts say that a life insurance policy can serve an important function of helping to reduce estate taxes.

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