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Now is the time to refinance

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By taking advantage of current mortgage rates and refinancing now, homeowners can guarantee savings for years to come.

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What's in a name? Variable- vs adjustable-rate mortgages

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Here in Canada, one popular option for home loans is the variable-rate mortgage, while lenders in the United States offer adjustable-rate mortgages. They sound pretty similar, don’t they?

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Limited economic growth may force BoC to lower interest rates

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Several recent studies have concluded that global and domestic financial problems will force Canada’s economy to experience limited growth in 2012, and some experts now predict the Bank of Canada will have no choice but to drop its interest rates.

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Real estate experts advise fixed loans for borrowers

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Variable-rate mortgages were long considered the best way to secure the cheapest housing loan, but many real estate experts have begun advising buyers to lock in a fixed rate.

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More Canadians borrowing with variable mortgages

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Despite some experts predicting an eventual increase in variable mortgage rates, more Canadians are now floating with the prime rate.

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Variable mortgage rates increasing since summer

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While fixed mortgage rates have stayed relatively the same over the past two months, variable rates have increased by about 0.4 percent.

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Fixed-rate mortgages currently a safer choice

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As mortgage rates remain at historic lows and listings continue to increase, Canadians entering the housing market have many important decisions to contemplate, including choosing a fixed-rate or variable-rate mortgage.

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Canadians debating between fixed- and variable-rate home loans

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According to a recent report from BMO Economics, with interest rates remaining low for home loans and mortgage calculators showing greater affordability, more Canadians have begun debating whether fixed- or variable-rate loans are best for them.

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