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Group Benefits Plan

Canadian Comprehensive Group Benefits for Your Business

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Every company is unique, and so too are the insurance needs of their owners and employees. At Super Brokers, our reputable insurance brokers ascertain these needs and will secure the comprehensive group benefits plan to meet them. To ensure this, our insurance carriers will provide:

  • A full-scale audit
  • Market research and analysis
  • Product comparison
  • Streamlined delivery and implementation of plan
  • Training to administrators
  • Response to email or phone inquiries within 24-hours
  • Monthly bulletins and semi-annual updates
  • Analysis and negotiations upon renewal
  • Individual health and dental plans
  • Travel coverage

Your Company, Your Plan

Super Brokers insurance specialists will seek the group plan offering the services and benefits tailored to fit your company needs. These can include:

  • Health and dental benefits
  • Wellness and disability services
  • Life, accidental death and dismemberment policies
  • International plans, for those employees working overseas or residents of other countries
  • Online access for timely and efficient maintenance and access to your services
  • Small business solutions for companies employing as few as three to 35 employees

If you have special health priorities, are over 65, or simply would like to improve the health benefits you are currently afforded by your provincial or employment health care plans, Super Brokers can help you select the cost-effective, flexible health benefits coverage that accommodates all of your needs and makes financial sense.

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