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Supplemental Health Insurance

Faster Access to Medical Diagnosis and Treatments

Canada is in the midst of a medical access crisis. With over 815,000 people on a wait list for diagnosis and medical treatment, our health system has canadians without supplemental health insurance waiting up to a year to see a specialist, get an MRI or CT scan and to get surgery. Waiting for medical care is well known to cause stress, loss of income and physical deconditioning. However, for those who do get prompt medical attention (within 21 days), studies have shown that the recovery rate is up to 75% faster.

One solution to the problem of long Canadian wait lists is called Medical Access Insurance (MAI). MAI is known as Canada's first "Wait List" health insurance. With Medical Access Insurance, there is no wait list and policy holders are being booked in for medical services with minimal wait times, much quicker than other Canadians.

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Coverage and Average Wait Times

Shorter medical wait times

Medical Access Insurance (MAI) provides rapid access to medical specialists, diagnostics and surgery. This includes 10 medical specialties, imaging like CT and MRI, as well as surgery for over 500 procedures and 135 covered conditions.

To minimize wait times, the Medical Access Insurance policy will get you service wherever it is available. Treatment, diagnostics or surgery may be performed either in Canada or the United States, when and where it is available. Through a partnership with OneWorld Assist, policy holders have access to over 3500 facilities and 400,000 doctors throughout North America. If any medical service requires travel outside of your home area, all travel arrangements will be made and paid for by the policy without any deductable or additional wait times.

Many policy holders are being booked in to see a specialist in less than 10 days. This can lead to getting full treatment in a tenth of the time. In 2007, the average wait times for a joint replacement through public health were about 42 weeks. Similar procedures handled by Medical Access Insurance would take about five weeks, which is 25-30 weeks earlier than you could have otherwise seen the specialist!

  • Wait times for specialists are under 21 days.
  • Medical underwriting or evidence of insurability is not required to obtain a policy.
  • No deductible or co-payment required.
  • Premiums are rated according to the coverage chosen whether single, a couple, single with children or a family and is priced according to your specific age.
  • Approved travel expenses are included.
  • Coverage is provided up to age 75.
  • Maximum lifetime coverage of $1 million USD per individual is included.
  • For insured services, a second opinion is available at no additional charge.
  • The policy can cover pre-existing conditions once it has been in force for 2 years.
  • All claims are settled between the insurance company and the service provider on the policy holder's behalf.
  • Premiums will not increase after a claim has been made.
  • You can select your own physician and facility for diagnosis or treatment.

Different Types of MAI Policies

Medical Access Insurance can be purchased on either an individual or group basis. Individual policies are useful for families and individuals who desire faster medical coverage. Group policies are intended to be used by employers to add benefits to their employment opportunities, or who don't want to risk extended downtime in the event of injury or illness of their employees.

Diagnostic & Specialist Access Insurance (DSAI) Program

This is the least expensive and most ideal program for a group of 2 or more people. It is perfectly suited for an employer-employee relationship. DSAI includes privileged access to nationally and internationally renowned specialists and consultation in 21 days or less. Access to diagnostics such as MRI, CT scan or a Myelogram is also expedited. This program can be purchased for as little as $19 per month per individual. Note that DSAI is not available on an individual basis and must be purchased under a group plan.

AlbertaNow Initiative

Currently only available in Alberta, the AlbertaNow Initiative is ideal for employers wishing to offer a fixed solution including all the benefits of DSAI and MAI Plus. The monthly cost for this program is $49 per individual or $98 per family. Plans are currently underway to launch this initiative throughout Canada and it will be available soon.

MAI Plus Insurance

The MAI Plus Insurance option includes all of the services of the DSAI Program and also includes treatment and surgery anywhere in North America. Any travel expenses are paid for by the policy without any deductible or co-payment. For an average family of 2 adults and 2 children, this program can be purchased for as little as $84 per month.

ePlus Insurance

ePlus is the most comprehensive program available and includes all of the benefits of MAI Plus, but also includes a Guaranteed Issue Critical Illness rider up to $150,000. For an average family of 2 adults, between the ages of 30 and 34, and 2 children with $100,000 CI coverage on each spouse, the average cost is approximately $166 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can care be provided in my province?

Most services and procedures can be performed without leaving your province. However, in the case that services are not available in your area, in Canada, or must be performed elsewhere for regulatory reasons, the policy will pay for travel expenses.

Is this jumping the wait list?

No. In fact, it's quite to the contrary; Medical Access Insurance is actually helping improve wait times. By bringing in specialists and services from all over North America, policy holders are getting faster service while actually helping shorten the wait list by taking themselves out of it.

Does Supplemental Health Insurance cover critical illnesses too?

Yes, it can. Guaranteed Issue Critical Illness Insurance up to $150,000 per person can be added to the MAI program without any medical exam. If a client becomes afflicted with any covered critical illness, their beneficiary will receive a tax free benefit to use as they wish. After the payout, the Medical Access Insurance will continue to remain in force.

Why choose Supplemental Health Insurance?

When you have seen your doctor and a medical condition becomes apparent, you will be placed on a waiting list to see a specialist. Diagnosis and eventual treatment can in some cases take as long as a year. The speed at which you receive your diagnosis and treatment can have a profound effect on your health, income and level of stress. With MAI policies, you will see a specialist in 21 days or less and you will receive treatment in a very short timeframe.

Real Life Example

Suppose that on vacation, you were skiing and had an accident, twisting your knee. The conventional means of getting treatment would be seeing your doctor. Your doctor would likely refer you to a specialist, who would in turn require imaging. From there, the specialist would decide if you need surgery. Getting in to see the specialist, having diagnostic imaging done and planning for surgery would all land you on the wait list.

With Medical Access Insurance, you would still visit your doctor initially. If your doctor refers you to a specialist, you would file a claim for your Medical Access Insurance. The policy would then give you a shortcut to the specialist and would allow them to get faster diagnostics and schedule you for surgery much sooner. The following is an illustration of the whole process, comparing the wait times between each step.

How to decrease wait time for medical services

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