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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Options for Canadians

There are many travel insurance options that will offer you the exact coverage you need to marry your travel circumstances. Here are some of the policies Canadians can attain to ensure their holiday, or trip away from home, has one less major stress.

  • Emergency Medical
  • Travel Canada Emergency Medical
  • All-Inclusive (Includes trip cancellation, lost baggage, emergency dental, etc.)
  • Quick Trip (Insurance for trips 18 days or less, for ages 55-74, without medical questionnaire)
  • Trip Cancellation/Interruption
  • Bounce Back (Offers up to $2,000 toward a return trip if you fly home for treatment and wish to fly back to trip destination)
  • Emergency Medical Top-Up (Insurance to cover extra days not covered by your policy)

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Travel Insurance for Students

Travel Insurance Magnifying glass

If you are a student traveling out of province to attend university, going on exchange outside of Canada, or an international student coming to Canada to attend classes, it is very likely your institution and host country will require that you have medical insurance. Travel insurance for students offers protection against the costs of basic healthcare needs - including doctor visits, eye exams and prescription drugs - as well as emergency medical expenses resulting from illness or injury.

Focus on your studies, not the chance of incurring mile-high medical bills, and acquire student travel insurance before you set off for your semester abroad.

Insurance for Visitors to Canada

Ensure the family or friends coming to visit you in Canada are protected against the financial expenses of health-related costs by attaining travel insurance for visitors to Canada. This type of insurance can be purchased before the visitors depart, or after they arrive and can be purchased for single-trip or multi-trip plans.

  • Single-Trip Insurance offers:
  • Emergency Medical
  • Trip Interruption
  • Travel Accident
  • Top-Up Options
  • Plus covers you even in if you leave Canada, so long as it's not to your country of origin and for less than 49 per cent of your totally trip, and you start and finish your trip in Canada

  • Multi-Trip Insurance offers:
  • Emergency Medical
  • Trip Interruption
  • Travel Accident
  • Emergency Medical Top-Up Options
  • Covers you up to $150,000 for an unlimited amount of trips, up to 30 days, in a year to Canada. If your trip(s) will exceed 30 days, top-up options are available for purchase

Term Travel Insurance: Travel Coverage for Life

Imagine term travel insurance that lasts your whole life, covering you for every trip or vacation you will ever take again. No more last minute Internet insurance purchases; term travel insurance will be one less thing you must arrange before you jet set.

  • Acquire term travel insurance:
  • While you are young: Premiums are based on your age at application date
  • While you are in good health: Guarantees you renewable coverage up to age 80, even if your health condition should change
  • If you travel frequently: Coverage insures you for trips up to 30 days, or longer if you attain top-up options

A CanEquity Insurance specialist will be happy to discuss all of these protective options with you, and help you ascertain which one will best suit your jet setting needs.

Travel Insurance Peace of Mind

Travel insurance policies are available to cover you in whatever capacity your unique circumstances call for, up to the age of 80. From a week in another province to a year on exchange at a university in Asia, travel insurance is a wise choice in ensuring your medical expenses are covered in the event you require health care services while sojourning outside of your province of residence or while experiencing Canada on a vacation or student visa.

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