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Granville Ferry Mortgage Information

Average Mortgage Loan in Granville Ferry: $171,600

How Granville Ferry Ranks in Nova Scotia for Mortgage Business

The following table lists how Granville Ferry ranks for mortgage applications sent to our website. The data collected is over a 7-year time frame. A location has to have a minimum of three applications to make the list. To find more information, simply click on a location.

RankLocation Contribution
38HUBBARDS, NS 0.014%
40CANNING, NS 0.014%
41LANTZ, NS 0.014%
44MAHONE BAY, NS 0.012%
47ENFIELD, NS 0.012%
48AYLESFORD, NS 0.012%

Types of Mortgage Inquiries Received from Granville Ferry

Type of Mortgage Application Form Selected  Percentage
of Inquiries
Mortgage Pre-approval: 57.1%
Refinance / Debt Consolidation: 14.3%
No Money Down Mortgage (discontinued): 14.3%
Commercial: 14.3%
Total Application Types Found: 4

Age Demographics for Granville Ferry Mortgage Applicants

Average age: 33
Oldest age: 46
Youngest age: 26

Incomes for Granville Ferry Mortgage Applicants

The amounts below are the average income of Canadians living in Granville Ferry who have submitted an inquiry using the pre-approval application on the Mortgage Super Brokers' web site.

Average annual gross income for
mortgage applicants in Granville Ferry: $43,345.33
applicants within all of Canada: $60,852.54
Difference: ($17,507.21)

Note: Commercial Mortgages were not included for this report, only residential mortgages from Granville Ferry, Nova Scotia were used.

Last mortgage report update for Granville Ferry: Friday, July 1, 2016
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