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Finding Canada's Best Mortgage Rates

When it comes to finding the best mortgage rate in Canada, Canadians need look no further than CanEquity Mortgage. Our extensive experience in serving over 40,000 Canadians has helped us build a special expertise in finding which lenders and products have the best mortgage rates. We know all of the major players, and we have the connections to get Canadians approved with the best rates—mortgage shopping has never been easier.

Shopping For The Best Rates For A Mortgage May Seem Daunting

Shopping for the best mortgage rate might seem a daunting task for the first-time home buyer when a host of websites are advertising the “best mortgage rate in Canada”. Just beware. To qualify for these best rates, those looking for a mortgage may face special conditions, may encounter products marginalized to cover only specific areas, or mortgages that do not extend to cover all options.

The mortgage rates that CanEquity advertises on its website are available to 98 per cent of the Canadian public.

Accessing the best mortgage rates in Canada is not difficult when you have the right broker working for you. CanEquity offers a full-service website. Not only will you find the best mortgage rates offered currently, updated hour to hour, but you will also have access to acquiring these top rates through the mortgage brokerage directly.

A good mortgage broker will have affiliations with several lenders that offer a host of different types of terms and products. Thus the CanEquity broker will be able to seek the best rate in each respective category, with over 75 lenders in access, which will correspond ideally with the customer’s specific needs.

Don't Settle With The Bank—A broker will find you the best mortgage rate

If your hunt for the best mortgage rate begins and ends with one financial institution, you have most likely settled for a rate that can be beat. The “best rates” advertised by most lenders and financial institutions are typically in excess of one per cent higher than what an independent mortgage broker can provide, and may also be the best rates for specific cities exclusively. Advertising the best rate for one city is a commonly used tactic to allure a potential consumer into the belief that the website they are viewing is offering the best rates for anywhere in Canada.

CanEquity strives to ensure that any rate stated on the website is a rate that is available to virtually every Canadian, nationwide.

It is easy to become frustrated in the search for the best mortgage rate. Seek out accuracy and be informed. The rate chart displayed on this page is updated frequently; every hour or the instant rates change. CanEquity makes certain to display only true, current mortgage rates, and the best mortgage rates available in Canada.

Current Canadian Mortgage Rates

Term Type Current Rate * (%) Previous Rate (%) Change (%) Date of Change
5 yr variable 1.80 2.40 -0.60 Apr 2, 2020
6 mo fixed 3.30 3.34 -0.04 Apr 2, 2020
1 yr fixed 3.44 2.74 0.70 Apr 3, 2020
2 yr fixed 3.14 2.64 0.50 Apr 3, 2020
3 fixed 3.09 2.59 0.50 Apr 3, 2020
4 fixed 3.14 2.89 0.25 Apr 3, 2020
5 fixed 2.39 2.84 -0.45 Apr 1, 2020
7 fixed 3.49 3.80 -0.31 Apr 1, 2020
10 fixed 3.80 3.24 0.56 Apr 3, 2020
*Certain mortgage rates may not be available in some areas. Contact us at 1-800-604-1864 for details.

* Mortgage interest rates are subject to change without notice at any time. Some rates may be subject to minimum credit score, loan amount and may only be available certain lending areas. A quick closing loan condition may be required. Does not apply to preapprovals. Contact CanEquity for details. Although every attempt is made to ensure the accuracy of our website, the above mortgage information should only be used as a guideline and CanEquity makes no guarantees on any rates shown. CanEquity Mortgage always recommends that you consult a mortgage broker before making a decision. CanEquity does not guarantee to have the lowest rate in Canada. We do make every attempt though to find the best mortgage deal possible for all of our clients.

§ Our mortgages are only available to Canadian residents or foreigners purchasing property located in Canada.


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