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Providing mortgage solutions to clients across Canada

Super Brokers, a member of TMG The Mortgage Group, has unfettered access to a vast range of Canadian lenders and mortgage products with low rates, and as a national company, can provide effective mortgage solutions from coast to coast.

The relationships we have built with our clients and within the industry has enabled us to develop new, innovative mortgage tools and resources, function-built for the current and future needs of our clients. We at Super Brokers take great pride in knowing that we are capable of beneficially influencing the mortgage industry, ensuring the availability of tools and services for the Canadian consumer.

We are not driven by sales figures and commissions, but on being the Canadian public’s top choice. We strive to find a plan that will see you pay off your mortgage in the fastest, most cost-effective method.

Our goal is to find the best financial solutions for our clients, period. From start to finish, every single choice we make is to further that goal.

After all, we want your business today, tomorrow, and 10 years from now.


A key directive of Super Brokers is to educate the Canadian public on the capabilities of mortgage brokers, and the advantages of using them. Given the sheer volume options that consumers have, the business practices of mortgage brokers need be transparent and clear. Our mortgage brokers are well respected in the industry, and have been in the business of securing better financing options for clients in Canada for many years.

Our ultimate mission is to lead the way in raising client awareness and quality within the mortgage and financial industry in Canada.


Value in the mortgage industry is usually defined by one thing – offering the lowest interest rate possible. Only after many years of fierce competition from mortgage brokers have the big banks begrudgingly begun to offer competitive rates. We have been offering the low mortgage rates to Canadians since day one.

And while low rates are important, we believe that simply offering low rates is just part of the equation. Clients want and need better terms, faster service, less hassle, professional advice from someone they can trust, and of course, competitive mortgage rates. By meeting and exceeding these expectations, Super Brokers provide value.


Super Brokers are committed to a strong, professional community presence. Many of our brokers are involved in aspects of local government, school and community organizations. We are also members of the Better Business Bureau (BBB).


BBB Accredited Business

Transparency and trust are fundamental to a company's success, and we go the distance to earn your trust. Here are some of the institutions and programs that Super Brokers supports and/or adheres to:

Super Brokers has developed a clear and concise privacy policy. Personal information stays personal, and is only released to your mortgage agent and to the lender chosen to fund the mortgage (and even then, only what information is specifically required to fund the mortgage). No third party is given access to your personal information without prior consent.


The origins of Super Brokers begin with Alberta Equity and CanEquity.

Alberta Equity, based out of Calgary, Alberta, was launched in March, 2001. By December of the same year, that initial website would evolve into Canadian Equity Group Inc. (CEG).

CanEquity Mortgage Magnifying glass

With a talented team composed of mortgage and technology professionals, the Canadian Equity Group was formed with the vision of being a front-runner in and expanding the mortgage industry, and to provide the best possible service for their clients. The national website for the Canadian Equity Group,, was officially launched in January, 2002.

As well as being the recipient of numerous web awards, was ranked as the most popular Canadian mortgage website by Alexa and Google.

In April, 2014, partnered with TMG The Mortgage Group and was rebranded as The name may be different, but the same vision that started back in 2001 carries on today with, with the same goal—to expand the mortgage industry and offer the best possible service.

TMG The Mortgage Group was founded in 1990, and prides itself on providing service to over a quarter million Canadians. TMG finds the right solution for each client’s needs, and has earned a reputation amongst lenders and clients alike as skilled experts and as a leader in the mortgage industry.

With over 700 talented mortgage professionals in towns and cities across Canada, TMG has the capability to offer professional and knowledgeable expertise, and unparalleled customer service to any client.

SuperBrokers .ca is committed to developing and delivering innovative, state-of-the-art financial tools, calculators, and technological solutions.

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If you'd like to contact a mortgage broker, you can use the Super Brokers contact form, fill out a mortgage application, use the Super Brokers live chat (found in the bottom right of your screen), or use the information below to call, fax or email.

Toll free: 1-800-604-1864
Fax: 1-866-565-1864

Super Brokers Incorporated
#304-3016 5 Ave NE,
Calgary, Alberta  T2A 6K4

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If you're having trouble with the website, or if you're interested in using one of the features of our website on your own, call or email us.

Note: website support staff cannot answer mortgage questions.

Toll free: 1-866-530-5541
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Super Brokers Website Support
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