The Benefits of Enlisting a Mortgage Broker

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Are you considering a home purchase, but feel overwhelmed by jargon and complicated mortgage terminology? Could you use assistance and advice on completing your mortgage application and actually initiating a home purchase? Would you feel more at ease with a qualified and trained professional by your side, walking you through the mortgage and homebuying process step-by-step?

Qualified, professional mortgage brokers, like those at Super Brokers, are available, free of charge, to assist potential homebuyers with every step of the mortgage process. Our services are geared to making the homebuying experience easier and more beneficial to you.

Mortgage brokers are trained and licensed professional who provide the latest market information and advice to their clients, finding the best mortgage options to suit each individual homebuyer's needs. It is a mortgage broker's business to locate funding for mortgage financing. Because they work with mortgage products everyday, they know where to find the best mortgage rates available in Canada.

It is important to remember that mortgage brokers work for you, the homebuyer, and not for mortgage lenders. This gives mortgage brokers flexibility to find the best mortgage options; they are not limited to what one lender has to offer. Mortgage brokers work with a vast network of approved lenders. With just one application, they can find the optimal mortgage option to suit your individual needs.

Using a mortgage broker can save you both time and money. You won't need to shop around to compare mortgage rates and options as your broker will do it for you. Choosing the wrong mortgage option can be a costly mistake, so why take the chance? Mortgage brokers are trained to know which options can save you money over the life of your loan, and always have your best interest in mind.

Quite often mortgage approval is based on how the application is presented. Mortgage brokers have valuable relationships with lenders and can get the most out of your application for a faster and more favourable result.

Think of a mortgage broker in the same way that you think of an insurance agent. Clients don't usually call an insurance company directly for insurance coverage; they call an insurance broker. Insurance brokers are qualified trained professionals who deal with insurance companies on a daily basis, just as mortgage brokers have the expertise and knowledge to find you the best possible mortgage options in Canada.

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Want to blow $40k on $10k debt?
If you're paying 18.9 percent interest on your credit card debt, here's a tip: you're sinking your finances faster than the Titanic. If you make minimum payments of 2% ($200 the first month) on a $10k credit card debt, it will cost you close to $40k and take 57 years to repay your debt. If you use a home equity loan, you can completely eradicate your credit card debt by consolidating your debts into a single low interest mortgage payment.