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FSCO (Ontario) #10315,
Saskatchewan Mortgage #315872, and all other provinces.
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How to Display Live Mortgage Rates on your Home Page

To have the rates appear on your website, simply cut and paste the HTML below:

<!-- Display current Canadian mortgage rate widget -->
<a href=""><img sequence="0" fromgallery="true" src="" height="225" width="152" border="0" alt="Canadian Mortgage Rates"></a>
<!-- End current Canadian mortgage rate widget -->

If your website needs up-to-date current interest rates, look no further!

Best Canadian Mortgage Rates

SidePix Ltd. was the first company in Canada to offer the Canadian Mortgage Rate Box. This widget is a dynamically built graphic image that automatically updates whenever mortgage rates change. Our rate box has been in service now for nearly 10 years and is hosted on more than 2,200 web pages! Do not be fooled by imitators, there is only one real Canadian Mortgage Rate Box.

Why choose Super Brokers over the imitators?

Unlike the others, our up-to-date widget works with every browser and operating system, plus it can be customized to display your logo or company name! Here are a few more reasons to choose one of our rate boxes:

  • Trusted Canadian Source
  • Automatically updated daily
  • Customized to your specifications
  • Free of charge
  • Fast and Accurate
  • SSL Version available

How to add the Canadian mortgage rate box widget

To display live mortgage rates and have them appear on your home page or anywhere within your website, simply cut and paste the HTML code shown below. The code will generate a graphic image with the most current interest rates to be displayed right on your site — just like the sample image shown to the side.

Once the code is in place, you won't ever have to worry about updating it again. With our rate box, you can have confidence knowing that it will always be working with today's rates and no downtime.

If you wish to have a free custom graphic image developed for your homepage or website, please send us an email at or visit Canadian Mortgage Rates for over 200 more dynamic graphic images to choose from.

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