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Genworth Financial Canada is the top private sector mortgage loan insurance provider in the country, coming in second to the CMHC overall. The Homeownership Company works with lenders, mortgage brokers, builders and real estate agents to increase the accessibility of property ownership in Canada, utilizing innovation, global experience and leadership in service and technology as its generators.

In addition, Genworth aims to serve as an educational resource for the country. The company issues Canadian housing reports twice annually; every summer and every winter; in conjunction with the Conference Board of Canada. The company states that: “homeowners and homebuyers require up-to-date information about Canada’s housing market to make informed decisions about homeownership – for many, the most important investment of their lifetime.”

In further proof of this sentiment, Genworth partners with other companies in the real estate and mortgage industry to host complimentary seminars tackling home-buying subjects, aimed to improve the process for Canadians attending. The company thrives on client input, and strives to provide products geared toward the unique needs they see emerge in the country. In the past, this has included pioneering products and services geared to the self-employed and recreational property owners.

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