Terms with Tag Insurance Policy

  • Annually Renewable Disability Income (ARDI)Acronym,
    • Construction All Risks (CAR)Acronym,
      • Kidnapping and Ransom (K&R, KR)Acronym,
          Travel insurance policy.
        • Non-Tax Qualified (NTQ)Acronym, United States,
            A US taxation term.
          • Personal Umbrella Liability (PUL)Acronym,
              Insurance policy.
            • Protection Whole Life (PWL)Acronym,
              • Single-Premium Universal Life (SPUL)Acronym,
                • Summary of Coverage (SOC)Acronym,
                  • Waiver of Subrogation (WOS) Acronym,
                    • A provision that prevents an insurer from pursuing a third party for damages to insured property.
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