Terms with Tag Property Insurance

  • Act of God (AOG) Acronym,
    • When used in insurance policies, an event caused by natural forces such as hail, rain, tornado, lightning, floods or earthquakes, which results in damage to property.
  • Credit Union Property and Casualty (CUPAC)Acronym, Canada,
    • Depreciated Replacement Cost (DRC)Acronym,
      • Farmowners (FO)Acronym,
          Insurance policy covering farm owner's property.
        • Loss of Rents (LOR)Acronym,
            Business interruption coverage.
          • Personal Property Inventory (PPI)Acronym,
            • Property and Casualty Insurance (P&C)Acronym, Very Important,
              • Roins Financial Services Limited (RFSL)Company, Toronto, Ontario, Canada,
                • Standard Flood Insurance Policy (SFIP)Acronym, Important,
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