Business Interruption Insurance


  • Insurance used to replace business income lost after an event, such as a fire, disrupts normal business operations. Business interruption insurance is almost exclusively used in conjunction with property, casualty, or some other blanket insurance policy. Also known as "use and occupancy insurance (U&O)" or "business income coverage."

business suspension insurance, severance insurance


Related Terms and Acronyms

  • Business Continuation Insurance Definition,
    • Insurance that provides coverage in the event that someone integral to the operation of a business dies or becomes disabled.
  • Completed Operations Insurance Definition,
    • Insurance that provides protection against liability after contractual obligations have ended.
  • Consequential Loss Definition,
    • The financial loss that occurs due to an entity's inability to use an asset or property.
  • Operating Cash Flow (OCF) Acronym,
    • The money a company generates from its business operations. This revenue excludes costs from certain investments.
  • Use and Occupancy Insurance (U&O)Acronym,
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