• The inability of an individual to perform the everyday, vital tasks required to effectively carry out their work role, or the inability to complete the aforementioned tasks in a timely manner, due to an illness or health condition

impairment, affliction, unable to work, constricted, debility

Related Terms and Acronyms

  • Confining Condition Definition,
    • Any medical condition that forces an individual to stay confined to a single location.
  • Disability Insurance (DI) Acronym, Important,
    • Insurance that covers individuals who develop a condition that hinders their ability to work.
  • Handicap Accessibility Definition,
    • A measure of how accessible a location, product or service is for people with special needs or disabilities.
  • Power of Attorney (PA, POA) Acronym,
    • A document in which the signer authorizes someone to conduct business in his or her name -- signing title documents and cheques, for example.
  • Respite Care Definition,
    • Medical or non-medical care provided for a sick or disabled person which is arranged to give a primary caregiver respite for a short or extended period of time.
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