Disease Management


  • The ongoing dialogue between a patient with long-term health conditions and healthcare practitioners where medical knowledge, treatments, and care plans are discussed and agreed upon.

Heath care decisions made to manage a disease.

affliction management, courses of treatment, care plan, managing health, impairment


Related Terms and Acronyms

  • Case Management Definition,
    • A system where medical services and patient treatments are coordinated by a case manager.
  • Chronic Disease Management (CDM)Acronym, Important,
    • Critical Illness Insurance (CII) Acronym, Very Important,
      • Insurance that covers individuals in the event of a critical or catastrophic illness.
      A health insurance policy rider.
    • Disease Management Program (DMP)Acronym,
      • Dread Disease Rider Definition,
        • Insurance that provides a benefit if the policyholder is diagnosed with an illness that is deemed serious or terminal.
      • Living Benefits Definition,
        • The option for a life insurance policyholder to receive a portion of their death benefit in advance of their death.
      • Long Term Care Insurance (LTC) Acronym, Important,
        • Insurance that covers health care costs for individuals with chronic or disabling conditions.
      • Primary Care Physician Definition,
        • A doctor who administers or arranges the majority of an individual's health care needs.
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