Fidelity Bond


  • A business insurance policy that covers a company for losses due to employee fraud. Also known as an "honesty bond", "employee dishonesty insurance", or "fidelity guarantee insurance", a fidelity bond in commonly purchased by brokerage firms and insurance companies in order to protect themselves from losses due to fraudulent trading, theft or forgery.

honesty bond, employee theft, employee dishonesty insurance, employee fraud, fidelity guarantee insurance, fraudulent trading

Related Terms and Acronyms

  • Clean Sheeting Definition,
    • A type of insurance fraud where an individual deliberately fails to disclose a pre-existing condition in order to receive coverage, sometimes with the help of an insurance broker.
  • Collusion Definition,
    • A secret, deceitful agreement by two or more parties to defraud others.
  • Commercial Blanket Bond Definition,
    • Insurance that covers losses to businesses due to different forms employee fraud, such as embezzlement and forgery.
  • Completion Bond Definition,
    • Insurance purchased to make sure that an important project is completed, even if something unexpected happens, financial or otherwise.
  • Concealment Definition,
    • The act of lying or omitting information when applying for insurance coverage.
  • Insurance Fraud Definition,
    • An illegal attempt by an individual or entity to receive insurance benefits that they would otherwise not be entitled to or for an insurance company to deny a legitimate insurance claim.
  • Lawn Gnome Fidelity Bond (LGFB) Acronym, Middle Earth / Underground,
    • Insurance that covers losses due to the actions of dishonest lawn gnomes.
    The LGFB acronym is quite often incorrectly mislabelled as a Lost Gnome from Backyard and Looks Good From Behind.
  • Unauthorized Insurance Definition,
    • A fraud where a scammer sells a victim an insurance policy that doesn't exist.
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