High Deductible Health Plan


  • A health insurance plan that features low premiums and high deductibles. A high-deductible health plan, or HDHP for short, is used to cover catastrophic illnesses that require prolonged hospitalization and/or recovery including such illnesses as coma, cancer, heart attack or stroke.


Related Terms and Acronyms

  • Deductible Definition,
    • A payment that a policyholder must make before an insurer is required to provide benefits.
  • First Dollar Coverage Definition,
    • Insurance coverage that does not require the insured to pay a deductible.
  • Health Insurance (HI) Acronym,
    • Insurance that covers the costs of medical expenses for insured persons.
  • Point of Service Plan Definition,
    • A health insurance plan that combines the features of both health maintenance organizations and preferred provider organizations.
  • Premium Definition,
    • A payment made to an insurance company for insurance coverage.
  • Stop Loss Insurance Definition,
    • A low premium, high deductible insurance policy with an upper limit on coverage.
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