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Definition of Sale-leaseback

  1. A type of real estate transaction where the seller transfers the title to the buyer upon purchase, but then rents the property from the new owner. This practice is not common in Canada.

Related Terms and Acronyms

  • Contract For Deed (CFD) Acronym,
    • An agreement for sale of property in which the buyer takes possession while making payments, but the seller holds title until full payment is made. Also called a land contract.
  • Transfer of Title (TOT) Acronym,
    • A document signed by the seller and purchaser transferring ownership, at which time the document is registered against the property.
  • Bilateral Contract Bank,
    • A legal agreement in which both parties promise to give each other something. A purchase agreement in which the buyer promises to give money and the seller promises to transfer property is a bilateral contract.
  • Conditional Sale (C/S) Acronym,
    • An agreement between the buyer and seller in where certain conditions must be met before the property sale can be finalized.
  • Owner Financing (OF, O/F, OWN) Acronym,
    • A transaction in which the seller lends all or part of the money to the buyer.
  • Income Property Bank,
    • Real estate developed or improved to produce income. Also referred to as "non-owner occupied property" or "rental property."
  • Agreement of Sale (AOS) Acronym,
    • A document in which a property's buyer and seller approve the price and other terms of the transfer of title.
  • Non-owner Occupant Bank,
    • A borrower who purchases a property for investment or rental purposes and will not occupy the property.
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