Travellers' Cheques


  • Travellers' cheques are accepted just like cash, but they offer more security to travellers because they can be replaced if lost or stolen. These cheques can be purchased through your bank. Some banks charge a fee for travellers' cheques while others include the fee in customer service packages.

fixed amount cheques

Alternate Spellings
Travellers Cheques, Travellers Check, Travellers Cheque, Travellers' Checks, Travellers' Check, Travellers' Cheque, Travellers Checks

Related Terms and Acronyms

  • Air Miles Company,
    • One of the most popular rewards issued by airline-affiliated co-branded cards. Air miles are earned with every use of the card, and then transferred monthly to the cardholder's account with that airline.
  • Cash Cards Definition,
    • Cash cards, similar to pre-paid phone cards, contain a set amount of value, which can be read by a special cash card reader. Participating retailers will use the reader to debit the card in increments until the value is gone. The cards are like cash -- they have no built-in security, so if lost or stolen, they can be used by anyone.
  • Cheque (CK) Acronym,
    • A written order for payment of a certain amount of money.
    Bank account transaction code.
  • Travel Insurance Definition, Very Important,
    • Insurance that covers a number of events that can occur when an individual is travelling out of the province or country.
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