Without Evidence of Insurability


  • The ability of an individual to apply for an insurance policy without needing to submit to a medical examination. Many group and employer run insurance plans do not require medical exams. An insurance company may also approve an individual for coverage without evidence of insurability if the coverage limits are low enough.

without a medical exam

Related Terms and Acronyms

  • Accommodation Line Definition,
    • As a favour to a broker, insurance companies will sometimes approve coverage to an individual who would not otherwise qualify.
  • Conversion Privilege Definition,
    • An option where an insurance company is required to update, renew or convert an insurance policy with level premiums at the end of the policy's term without a medical exam.
  • Pre-existing Condition (PRE-X) Acronym,
    • A medical condition that's occurrence precedes the writing of an insurance policy.
  • Re-entry Definition,
    • The option to renew coverage at the end of a term, generally with level premiums.
  • Stop Loss Insurance Definition,
    • A low premium, high deductible insurance policy with an upper limit on coverage.
  • Wholesale Insurance Definition,
    • A form of insurance used by small businesses to provide benefits for employees.
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