Careers in the Mortgage Industry

There are many careers in the mortgage industry in many areas. Qualified brokers and agents are important for any successful mortgage brokerage. But there are also many other people within the industry that play an important role in the Canadian mortgage market.

Web-based Mortgage Industry Careers

Within the mortgage industry, there are many categories of career. With the growth of online services, that means a need for different web-based careers. Web-based mortgage industry careers include:

  • Web Developers: This career role involves creativity, reliability and attention to detail. Web designers and marketers are essential to creating a dynamic web presence for the mortgage brokerage.
  • Technical Writers: Web content, press releases, e-mails, marketing and distribution material constant needs within the mortgage industry.
  • Recruiters: Careers in recruiting involve outgoing, positive people. They should be self-directed and motivated to find, link and build viable partnerships between clients and team staff.

Other Careers within the Mortgage Industry

There are still traditional careers within the mortgage industry. These include positions such as:

  • Mortgage Consultants: Mortgage consultants need to be licensed. They provide admin and online support while focusing on generating leads. They also need to be able to close deals in a timely manner with a focus on client service. In Canada, being bilingual is an important asset for mortgage consultants.
  • Accounting Clerk: This person should be a proficient account technician, clerk, or bookkeeper. Their role is to manage accounts payable, payroll, and accounts receivable. They should also prepare accounts for year end and understand business taxation.
  • Marketing Assistants: Careers in marketing involve those with an excellent ability to communicate across various forms of media. It is essential to bring make awareness of the firm greater. It is also important to be able to speak on what services are offered, too.
  • Insurance Professionals: Careers in insurance are also key in the mortgage industry. When buying a home, it is natural to want to protect your home and family. A license is required as well. These people will be focused on finding the right insurance products to keep their clients protected. They should also be able to help with growth of these assets.
  • Mortgage Specialists: Work on commission, even from home. Mortgage specialist careers are great for motivated people. Ideally, they are able to strongly relate to the client and provide the best financial services to their clients. They should also be able organize their time, source new business, and communicate in an efficient way with lenders.
  • Receptionists: Careers in reception mean a need for communication skills above all. They also require strong organization and the ability to act as a bridge between staff and clients. The ability to speak a second language is important, too.

Find a Mortgage Broker Near You

The Canadian housing market continues to grow and change. If a career in the mortgage industry interests you, contact a mortgage brokerage in your area. Most of them will have an employment page readily available.

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