Careers in the Mortgage Industry

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There are a number of varied career opportunities in the mortgage industry. Although qualified brokers and agents are the bedrock of any successful mortgage brokerage, there are many other people in multiple fields that play an integral role in the Canadian mortgage market.

Careers in the mortgage industry also include:

  • Web Developers: This career role involves creativity, reliability and attention to detail. Web designers and marketing professionals are essential to formulating a vibrant online Web presence for the mortgage brokerage.
  • Mortgage Consultants: These licensed individuals will generate mortgage leads, provide full administrative and online support, be able to efficiently close deals in a timely and benefitting manner, and focus on client service. In Canada, bilingualism is a large asset to the reach of the mortgage consultant.
  • Accounting Clerk: A motivated, proficient account technician, accounting clerk or bookkeeper will fulfill payroll, manage accounts payable, manage accounts receivable, prepare accounts for year end, and have a knowledge of business taxation.
  • Marketing Assistants: Careers in marketing involve individuals with an excelled ability to communicate in several media. Getting the name of the mortgage brokerage out to the respective audience and correctly reflecting the services the mortgage brokerage offers – those which set them apart from the rest – are essential.
  • Technical Writers: Web content, press releases, e-mails, marketing and distribution material are in constant need of writing in the mortgage industry.
  • Insurance Professionals: Careers in insurance also have a vital place in the mortgage industry. After securing one's home, seeking the protection of that asset and all those who reside within takes major precedence. These licensed individuals will be focused on finding the right insurance products to keep their clients protected, and to aptly grow the assets they are cultivating.
  • Mortgage Specialists: Work on commission, even from home. Mortgage specialist careers are great for the highly motivated individual able to strongly relate to the client, provide the best fitting financial services to their clients, organize their time wisely, source new business, and communicate in an efficient, concise rapport with lenders.
  • Receptionists: Careers in reception involve individuals with high communication skills, organizational capabilities, and the ability to act as a reliable liaison between clientele and team staff. The ability to speak a second language is of great asset within these careers.
  • Recruiters: Careers in recruiting involve outgoing, positive people self-directed and motivated to find, link and build viable partnerships between clients and team staff.

The Canadian housing market is a continually growing and changing, innovative arena. If a career in the mortgage industry interests you, contact a countrywide mortgage brokerage in your area and seek out their employment page.

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