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Debt often builds slowly, until one day it is engulfing. The current, constant availability of credit cards, personal loans and lines of credit have made it easy for good intentions to turn into drastic overspending. In maintaing a standard of living beyond your real means, you may soon find that you are unable to meet your commitments. You may begin making late payments, or missing them entirely.

When you do get your financial situation back on track, you may discover that those late or missed payments have damaged your credit record, and will make it difficult for you to qualify for credit in the future, including qualifying for a Fage.

Some lenders will still offer mortgages to those with poor credit records, but you will find them attributed with higher rates, administration fees, and other associated costs. If you accept a rate that is too high, and find yourself stretching to make the payments, you could lead yourself back into the cycle of debt. Do not let this happen to you.

Keep in mind that personal debt has increased for many Canadian households, making it necessary for lenders to rethink how they do business with people who have a poor credit history. Our professional mortgage brokers can work for you to find lenders who offer competitive rates on mortgages, despite poor credit history. The competition is plentiful; you still have mortgage options. Let us find these for you by completing a free online application today.

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