New Tool to Improve Credit Score

Score Maker
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ScoreMaker is the new product from True Business Solutions available to potential homebuyers in need of advice on how to boost their credit rating prior to qualifying for a mortgage.

When a credit report is pulled by a mortgage broker on your behalf, ScoreMaker will instantly analyze the report and tabulate how many points by which your current score can be increased. You’re under no obligation to buy the ScoreMaker report unless you feel the amount by which your credit score can be improved is worthy of such. If you do opt to purchase the ScoreMaker report, you will be given a series of steps to take in order to improve your credit score the said amount of points.

ScoreMaker will give you both short-term (less than 45 days) and long-term strategies to put into effect. Long-term steps involve paying down outstanding debt, getting credit disputes resolved, and getting outdated or inaccurate items removed from your credit bureau.

This customized report costs less than $50. Improving your credit score could mean the difference of qualifying for a mortgage or not, or being able to qualify for superior rates. A better rate could save you thousands over a five-year term. If your credit score needs improving, definitely consider this option. ScoreMaker states its scoring measures are deduced with 94 per cent accuracy.

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