Industrial Property Mortgage

Super Brokers has access to a wide selection of options for an industrial property mortgage. This is financing for any industrial or commercial buildings that you may need. This includes things like factories, warehouses, storage units, workshops, industrial spaces, plants, and manufacturing sites.

Without the proper building in place, it can make getting a business off the ground impossible. Having the right information means getting the right loan to get your building constructed.

Financing in an industrial property mortgage is generally provided at a 75 percent loan-to-value. The longer the term of the applicant and a few business tenants tend to add strength to the application. Keep that in mind when applying.

Most lenders will provide an industrial property mortgage to borrowers that meet the proper requirements. Super Brokers can help you to get the best product for your next industrial plan.

What You Need to Get an Industrial Property Mortgage

Most lenders need several things before they accept a request for an industrial property loan. Above all, Super Brokers helps to ensure that the process is clear and prompt. These items generally include:

  • Property location and specifications
  • Building appraisal and property survey
  • Relevant industrial experience
  • Credit history
  • 2 Years of Accounts for existing businesses
  • For a new business, a business plan that details income projections
  • Environmental reports
  • Legal clearances
  • Proof of tenants or tenant leases

That sounds like a lot, but everything can be made easier with a guiding hand. Going through the process alone can mean missed documents or errors in the application. Don’t let that happen to you.

If you have any questions regarding the process of obtaining one of these industrial loans, call Super Brokers today. We are here to assist in the application process and getting you qualified to obtain commercial financing.

A commercial property can be the beginning of a financial endeavor or another addition to a financial portfolio. Whatever the case, it needs to be the right investment and obtaining the right financing for that investment is an essential part of the process.

All it takes is an experienced commercial financing representative to get the process started. The right loan can mean all the difference in the world for the health of your project and its success going forward.

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