Mortgage Stats and Info for Errington, BC

Busy Months

This bar graph shows the volumes of Internet applications received by Super Brokers in each month for all years combined. The busiest month for mortgages from Errington, BC seems to occur in March with 28.6% of applications, while our slowest is November with 0.0%.

Busy Days

The graph below shows the busy days for Internet mortgage applications that were received by our web site. Each day is a representation of the combined 5-year total of all instances of that day. In Errington, BC the busiest day, with approximately 28.6% of all submissions, is Monday. In comparison, Thursday is the slowest day with only 0.0% of all inquiries.

Peak Hours

In Errington, BC, mortgage applications are received 24 hours a day on the Super Brokers web site. The report shown below represents the busy hours for mortgage applications in the day. 42.9% of all mortgages are received in the morning, while 57.1% arrive in the afternoon.

Busy Seasons

The information illustrated below depicts the peak seasons for mortgage application submissions received by Super Brokers. The busiest season for mortgages in Errington, BC mostly occurs in Spring with 57.1% of total applications, while our slow season is Summer with 0.0%.

Age Ranges for Mortgage Applicants

In Errington, BC, the median age for when residents inquire about a mortgage is 36.5. The youngest person to fill out a mortgage application with SuperBrokers in Errington, BC was 24, inversely the most aged was 63 years old.

Marital Status for Mortgage Applicants

When folks in Errington, BC fill out a online mortgage application on our website, they enter a marital status, and the most frequent status' they report are Common Law with 42.9%, Single with 42.9%, and Married with 14.3%.

Mortgage Types

Of all the mortgage applications in Errington, BC, the 4 most prominent mortgage inquiry types are No Money Down with 28.6%, Qualification with 28.6%, Equity Mortgage with 14.3%, and Purchase with 14.3%.

Current Living Arrangement

When asked on an online mortgage application if they rent or own and where they reside, the folks of Errington, BC frequently say: Rent with 71.4%, and Own with 28.6%.

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