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BC Mortgage #X028169, FSCO (Ontario) #10315,
Saskatchewan Mortgage #315872, and all other provinces.

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Current City Standing within New Brunswick

RankLocation Contribution
127:VAL-D'AMOUR, NB 0.003%
128:GOOD CORNER, NB 0.003%
129:OAK BAY, NB 0.003%
132:WHITE RAPIDS, NB 0.003%
133:SAINT-LOUIS, NB 0.003%
134:ROBERTVILLE, NB 0.003%
135:BAILLIE, NB 0.003%
136:KESWICK, NB 0.003%
137:KEENANS, NB 0.003%

Age Demographics for White Rapids Mortgages

Average age: 24
Oldest age: 24
Youngest age: 24

Incomes for White Rapids Mortgages

The following depicts the average income of people living in White Rapids who have applied for a loan using Mortgage Super Brokers' online mortgage application.

Average annual gross income for
mortgage applicants in White Rapids: $16,000.00
applicants within all of Canada: $60,836.57
Difference: ($44,836.57)

Note: Commercial Mortgage loans were not included for this survey, only residential mortgages from White Rapids, New Brunswick were used.

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