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FSCO (Ontario) #10315,
Saskatchewan Mortgage #315872, and all other provinces.
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Current City Standing within Ontario

RankLocation Contribution
618:MONKTON, ON 0.005%
619:HORNBY, ON 0.005%
620:WHITEFISH, ON 0.005%
622:GLENBURNIE, ON 0.005%
623:COPETOWN, ON 0.005%
624:ST ANNS, ON 0.005%
625:BALMERTOWN, ON 0.005%
626:ELK LAKE, ON 0.005%
627:BLACKSTOCK, ON 0.005%
628:GARDEN RIVER, ON 0.005%

Age Demographics for Copetown Mortgage Applicants

Average age: 36
Oldest age: 44
Youngest age: 22

Incomes for Copetown Mortgage Applicants

The amounts below are the average income of applicants living in Copetown who have applied for a home loan using Mortgage Super Brokers' pre-approval application.

Average annual gross income for
mortgage applicants in Copetown: $38,000.00
applicants within all of Canada: $60,836.57
Difference: ($22,836.57)

Note: Commercial Mortgage loans were not included for this section, only residential mortgage loan amounts were used.

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