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Busy Days for Mortgages within Sturgeon Falls

The graph listed below shows the busy days for Internet applications that were received by our web site. Each day is a representation of the combined 6-year total of all instances of that day. In Sturgeon Falls the busiest day of the week, with 28.13% of all submissions, is Thursday. In comparison, Wednesday's are the slowest day with only 6.25% of all inquiries.

Rank Day of the Week Percentage of Applications
1: Thursday: 28.1%
2: Monday: 15.6%
3: Tuesday: 15.6%
4: Friday: 12.5%
5: Sunday: 12.5%
6: Saturday: 9.4%
7: Wednesday: 6.3%
Busy Days Report for Sturgeon Falls Mortgages

Peak Hours for Mortgage Applicants within Sturgeon Falls

Applications are received 24 hours a day from the Super Brokers' web site. The following represents the rush hours in the day. The data is taken from all days of all years. Only 46.9% of all mortgages are received during the morning, while 50.0% arrive in the afternoon.

Peak Hours Graph for Mortgages in Sturgeon Falls
TimePeriod (24 Hour) Percentage
of Applications
12AM 00:00 to 00:59: 3.1%
1AM 01:00 to 01:59: 0%
2AM 02:00 to 02:59: 0%
3AM 03:00 to 03:59: 0%
4AM 04:00 to 04:59: 0%
5AM 05:00 to 05:59: 6.3%
6AM 06:00 to 06:59: 0%
7AM 07:00 to 07:59: 3.1%
8AM 08:00 to 08:59: 0%
9AM 09:00 to 09:59: 9.4%
10AM 10:00 to 10:59: 15.6%
11AM 11:00 to 11:59: 12.5%
TimePeriod (24 Hour) Percentage
of Applications
Lunch 12:00 to 12:59: 15.6%
1PM 13:00 to 13:59: 3.1%
2PM 14:00 to 14:59: 3.1%
3PM 15:00 to 15:59: 6.3%
4PM 16:00 to 16:59: 6.3%
5PM 17:00 to 17:59: 6.3%
6PM 18:00 to 18:59: 0%
7PM 19:00 to 19:59: 0%
8PM 20:00 to 20:59: 6.3%
9PM 21:00 to 21:59: 0%
10PM 22:00 to 22:59: 3.1%
11PM 23:00 to 23:59: 0%

Ontario Mortgage Originations Compared to all other Provinces

Online Mortgage Origination for the Province of Percentage of Applications
Alberta: 21.15%
British Columbia: 10.37%
Manitoba: 1.99%
New Brunswick: 2.51%
Newfoundland and Labrador: 1.29%
Nova Scotia: 3.29%
Northwest Territories: 0.49%
Nunavut: 0.10%
Ontario: 47.28%
Prince Edward Island: 0.50%
Quebec: 3.94%
Saskatchewan: 5.06%
Yukon: 0.47%

Current City Standing within Ontario

RankLocation Contribution
118:GODERICH, ON 0.057%
119:YORK, ON 0.057%
120:BANCROFT, ON 0.057%
121:KIRKLAND LAKE, ON 0.055%
123:HARROW, ON 0.054%
124:RENFREW, ON 0.054%
125:AYLMER, ON 0.054%
126:BRIGHTON, ON 0.054%
127:ANGUS, ON 0.052%

Age Demographics for Sturgeon Falls Applicants

Average age: 38
Oldest age: 59
Youngest age: 25

Incomes for Sturgeon Falls Applicants

The figures below represent the average income of people living in Sturgeon Falls who have applied for a home loan using the pre-approval application on the Mortgage Super Brokers' web site.

Average annual gross income for
mortgage applicants in Sturgeon Falls: $51,782.90
applicants within all of Canada: $60,836.57
Difference: ($9,053.67)
mortgage co-applicants in Sturgeon Falls: $36,984.73
co-applicants within all of Canada: $44,026.21
Difference: ($7,041.49)

Note: Commercial loans were not included for this survey, only residential loans from Sturgeon Falls, Ontario were used.

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