Mortgage Stats and Info for Saint-Eustache, QC

Busy Months

This bar graph depicts the volumes of online mortgage applications received by Super Brokers in each month for all years combined. The busiest month for mortgages from Saint-Eustache, QC usually occurs in February with 22.2% of applications, while our slowest is December with 0.0%.

Busy Days

The graph below compares the busy days for online mortgage applications that were received by the Super Brokers web site. Each day represents a combined total of all occurrences of that day in the past 5 years. In Saint-Eustache, QC the busiest day, having more than 22.2% of all submissions, is Tuesday. In comparison, Friday is the slowest day with only 0.0% of all inquiries.

Peak Hours

In Saint-Eustache, QC, mortgage applications are received 24 hours a day via our web site. The time periods below indicates the busy hours for mortgage applications in the day. 33.3% of all mortgages are received before noon, while 66.7% arrive in the afternoon.

Busy Seasons

The information below represents the peak seasons for Internet application submissions received by Super Brokers. The busiest season for mortgages in Saint-Eustache, QC usually occurs in Spring with 33.3% of applications, while our slow season is Autumn with 22.2%.

Age Ranges for Mortgage Applicants

In Saint-Eustache, QC, the median age for when residents apply for a mortgage loan is 37.5. The youngest person to apply for a mortgage was 23; the most aged was 59 years old.

Marital Status for Mortgage Applicants

When folks in Saint-Eustache, QC apply for a mortgage with Super Brokers, they enter a marital status, and the most frequent status' they report are Common Law with 33.3%, Single with 33.3%, Married with 22.2%, and Separated with 11.1%.

Mortgage Types

Of all of the mortgages in Saint-Eustache, QC, the 4 most prominent application types are Refinance with 44.4%, Qualification with 22.2%, First-time Buyer with 11.1%, and No Money Down with 11.1%.

Current Living Arrangement

When asked on an online mortgage application if they own or rent and where they currently reside, the people of Saint-Eustache, QC commonly say: Own with 66.7%, and Rent with 33.3%.

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