Canada Guaranty

The process of buying a home may seem simple, but it can be far more difficult than you know. Companies like Canada Guaranty are meant to make it easier. Simply finding the right home can be incredibly difficult, but there is more.

Getting mortgage insurance can be helpful, especially in a market with so many changes. In Canada, you need mortgage insurance if you want to buy a home with less than 20% down. This protects the lender in case you can’t make your payments.

Finding a trustworthy and reputable mortgage insurance provider is key. There are plenty of them out there, but going with the right one can make the difference. Additionally, it can save you quite a bit of money in the long-run.

Who is Canada Guaranty?

Canada Guaranty is the third-largest mortgage insurance provider in Canada. The only two ahead of them are the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation and Genworth Financial Canada.

Their drive is to improve Canadian mortgage insurance. They aim to be “100% Canadian. 110% Committed.” and their goal is to improve mortgage insurance. This is done through service excellence and financial strength.

Their formation is an interesting one. A purely Canadian private investor group acquired AIG United Guaranty Mortgage Insurance Company Canada. From this acquisition, Canada Guaranty was born. What came from this? The only 100% Canadian-owned, private mortgage insurance company.

Mortgage insurance for Canadians, by Canadians. Security and peace of mind is owed to each home buyer. That is what Canada Guaranty provides to their customers.

They are here for you, available to answer your questions with just a quick call or click. Getting the mortgage insurance that you need has never been easier. Most importantly, it provides peace of mind.

Mortgage Insurance Products Offered

Best of all, they offer a wide selection of mortgage insurance products for Canadian home buyers. These products include:

  • First-time Homebuyers — Mortgage insurance products for first-time homebuyers. This product is for those who are having trouble saving for a necessary down payment. This includes insurance up to 95% loan-to-value, and insurance for new immigrants. It also covers insurance for purchases that need home improvements.
  • Self-employed Homebuyers — Products for self-employed Canadians. This product includes insurance for 95% loan-to-value purchases. It also covers low documentation mortgage insurance.
  • Purchasing a Second Home — Mortgage insurance for Canadians who are buying a second home and moving out of the first. This product includes portable mortgage insurance. It is also those who are buying second homes, like a vacation home.
  • Building and Renovating — Offering mortgage insurance products for new construction and renovations.
  • Rental and Investment Property — Mortgage insurance for Canadians buying additional properties. This can be for rental and investment purposes.

They are here to provide the best mortgage insurance products available. Other options may exist, but none can match the commitment to quality and security that provided by Super Brokers.

For more information on the national mortgage insurance provider, visit or call us today. Protect your home the way that it deserves to be protected.

Buying a home can be a trying process, but getting mortgage insurance doesn’t have to be. With just a phone call or a few clicks, you can get the mortgage insurance that you need.

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