Terms with Tag Accounting

  • Human Resource Management (HRM)Acronym,
    • Incremental Capital/output Ratio (ICOR)Acronym,
      • Institute of Chartered Accountants of British Columbia (ICABC) Company Est. 1905, British Columbia, Canada,
          Largest accounting organization in British Columbia.
        • Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nova Scotia (ICANS) Company Est. 1900, Nova Scotia, Canada,
            A self-governing association formed by Chartered Accountants in Nova Scotia.
          • Integrated Accounts Payable System (IAPS)Acronym,
            • Integrated Project Management (IPM)Acronym,
              • Integrated Purchasing and Accounts Payable (IPAP)Acronym,
                • Internal Labour Market (ILM)Acronym,
                  • International Accounting Standards Board (IASB)Company,
                    • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)Acronym,
                      • Inventory Carrying Cost (ICC)Acronym,
                        • Inventory Valuation Adjustment (IVA)Acronym,
                          • Knowledge, Attitude, Practice (KAP)Acronym,
                            • Last In, First Out method (LIFO)Acronym,
                                Term used in inventory valuation.
                              • Light-Capital Technology (LCT)Acronym,
                                • Limited Company (Ltd)Abbreviation,
                                  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)Acronym,
                                    • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)Acronym,
                                      • Limited Partner (LP)Acronym,
                                        • Limited Partnership (LP)Acronym,
                                          • Loan Accounting and Processing System (LAPS)Acronym,
                                            • Long Term Capital Gain (LTCG) Acronym,
                                              • Your loss from the sale of a capital asset that you held for more than 12 months.
                                            • Long-Run Average Incremental Cost (LRAIC)Acronym,
                                              • Long-Run Marginal Cost (LRMC)Acronym,
                                                • Management Buy-In (MBI)Acronym,
                                                  • Management By Objectives (MBO)Acronym,
                                                    • Management Consulting Services (MCS)Acronym,
                                                      • Management Information System (MIS)Acronym,
                                                        • Manufacturing Cycle Effectiveness (MCE)Acronym,
                                                          • Marginal Cost Pricing (MCP)Acronym,
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