Terms with Tag Accounting

  • Aged Trial Balance (ATB)Acronym,
    • A ledger style view of client transactions usually showing accounts receivable or outstanding amounts sorted by date.
  • Alternative Measurement Method (AMM)Acronym,
    • Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)Acronym,
      • Annualized Return on Investment (AROI)Acronym,
        • Anti-Money Laundering (AML)Acronym,
          • Area Median Gross Income (AMGI)Acronym, United States,
              A US taxation term.
            • Asset, Liability, Owner's Equity, Revenue, Expense (ALORE)Acronym,
              • Available Separate Consolidated Net Income (ASCNI)Acronym,
                • Average Collection Period (ACP)Acronym,
                  • Average numbers of days it takes to acquire receivables.
                • Average Incremental Cost (AIC)Acronym,
                  • Average Marginal Incremental Cost (AMIC)Acronym,
                    • Balance (bal.) Abbreviation,
                      • The amount of money in your account.
                    • Balance Sheet (B/S, BS) Acronym,
                      • A listing of a business' assets, liabilities and ownership equity as of a specific date.
                    • Balance Sheet Account (BSA)Acronym,
                      • Balance Sheet Analysis (BSA)Acronym,
                        • Balance Sheet Management Plan (BSMP)Acronym,
                          • Balance Sheet Net Income (BSNI)Acronym,
                            • Balance-Sheet Equation (BSE)Acronym,
                              • Bill of Sale (BS) Acronym, Important,
                                • A written document that serves as evidence of the transfer of title to personal property.
                              • Billing and Accounts Receivable (BAR)Acronym,
                                • Bookkeeper (bkkpr)Abbreviation,
                                  • Business As Usual (BAU)Acronym,
                                    • Business Innovation Centre (BIC)Acronym,
                                      • Business-to-Business (B2B)Acronym,
                                        • Canadian Academic Accounting Association (CAAA) Company, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada,
                                            Research and education in accounting related areas.
                                          • Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA) Company Est. 1902, Canada, Important,
                                              Non-profit entity incorporated by a Special Act of the Canadian Parliament.
                                            • Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)Acronym,
                                              • Capital Gain (CG) Acronym, Important,
                                                • The profit made by the seller when real estate or other capital assets are sold. Capital gains are taxed more favourably than earned income. However, this can be dependent on your tax bracket and the length of time you owned the asset before it was sold. You could pay approximately one-third to one-half less tax than you would pay on the same amount of earned salary.
                                              • Capital-Saving Technology (CST)Acronym,
                                                • Cash Flow from Operating Activities (CFOA, CFO)Acronym,
                                                  • Refers to the amount of cash a company generates from revenues excluding costs associated with long-term investment on capital items or investment in securities.
                                                  More commonly known as just CFO.
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